Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quilt Studio Tour - Part 3

Here's the last part of my quilt studio tour which is really more a tour of my gardens, decorations and visitors.

This is a picture of my garden to the side of my studio. You can see my studio in the back. This is the first year for this garden so it's very sparse. The Gladiolus are just coming out.

This is some of my straw flowers- shut for the night. The centers were really pretty yellow

 These are a couple of my first Gladiolus to come out.
 This is some of my Gladiolus and more straw flowers. Notice my white picket fence is not quite finished. I had about 30 feet in length that I had to make for the length of this garden. Love how it was coming out. I still haven't quite finished it yet but it will be done before summer is out- I promised myself I would find the time. Can you see what is on one of the flowers?
 Here's a bit of a close up shot of the flower. Figure it out yet?
 Here's a real close up shot of the flower. This dragonfly was sooooooooo pretty and just sat there for what seemed like an eternity while I took it's picture. I get all kinds of bugs and birds in my garden.
 This is one of the many roses I have in my garden now. This one is called love and peace. I believe the yellow part makes it the peace.

This is a view of my flower bicycle at the front of my studio.
 Some 4 leaf clovers growing and ready to be picked when luck was needed.
 Sink of poppies. This is my $1.00 sink, free table top, free railing posts and a little work to make this very cute garden decoration. After my flowers started coming - I had lots of flowers growing around this to add to the charm. I really liked the look of the poppies blowing in the wind up high where I could see them.
 Cone flowers- really pretty coral colour.
 Lots of birdie visitors to my bird feeder in the front of my studio...

 Some visitors to the back of my studio as well. This is the view from window while working.
 Halloween last year. Just a few pics outside at the beginning when I only had a few decorations. This is my witches broom (stands about 9 feet tall)
 a pumpkin with a few visitors and a crow on a chair...
 Bird cage outside with a skeleton and bats inside.
 Another view of my bicycle ready for halloween with cobwebs and dying flowers.


  1. I can't remember how I found myself here on your blog but I'm sure happy I did!

    Your studio is to die for. Without a doubt it would be any quilter or crafters' dream space. I think that if I ever found myself there you'd have a difficult time getting me to leave.


  2. I agree with everything Kaaren as said. Your garden is my dream as well as your studio. It sure would be fun to visit sometime. I will be back to see more.


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