Friday, April 27, 2018

Tuffet class completed

The tuffet class I was teaching at Taylors Sewing is completed. We had a lot of fun and I love how all the tuffets look so different. Here are a few pics of some of the completed tuffets...
Vicky Grier chose a themed fabric that included black and white vintage photos. She fussy cut the photos for the centers of her blocks and went with the scrappy theme. Love the affect of the red black and greys. 

Donna Taylor, former owner of Taylors Sewing. She made this tuffet from her scraps from her quilt. Love the french reds!

This tuffet was done in a bright themed fabric alternating the background fabrics and using a fussy cut flower fabric for the button. My sister says she loves this one. I think it might have been a hint t9 make her one. 

Michelle Peters decided to do her tuffet to match a quilt she made using her leftovers. She included the quilting style incorporating the same concentric circle she used on the quilt onto the top of the tuffet. She used her cute owl fabric for the button. You can’t see in the photo but she also put her personal label on it. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Milk Paint Projects

I recently purchased my first order of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint so I have tried it out on a few projects. Here are a couple of my first projects.
This is an antique display cabinet that had already been painted with some sort of dark shellac at some point.

I have used mustard colour paint on this piece and it had the perfect amount of natural distressing. I did a light sanding on this piece before painting it. 

A close up of the awesome chippiness!

This is an antique thread cabinet that I purchased many years ago. It was always in an extremely rough shape since it came into my possession.  I painted the one top drawer white a long time ago so I wouldn’t get chicken and not paint it. I do like the wood in antiques but this piece was beyond repair. 

You can clearly see here how wavy the top boards were and the big gapes between the boards. 

Side view of the large cracks that needed to be filled. The bottom also had to be re-nailed in place. 

The other side view.

After it’s been painted and started chipping. 

One of the side views after being finished. I was originally going to make this a Coats and Clarke cabinet but decided to keep it’s original company name after I was able to make out what it was in the very faded letters that were left behind. Most of the cracks and splits are now gone thanks to some wood crack filler and some sanding muscles. 

I kept the drawers the original wood (after I sanded down the one I had painted before) because they looked so good after the stain was on them. The drawers were also in excellent condition with their original deviders still in tact. I use this cabinet to hold all my machine parts for my Gammill. I am very happy with finally getting this finished and even happier with how it came out. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

St. Patricks Day Celebration

This year for St. Patricks day I decided to host a family dinner to celebrate. Here are some pics from the evenings dinner party. Enjoy.
My brother and his wife are enjoying their dinner

French onion soup and garlic cheese bread...both dressed in green for the occasion. 

My son and I posing for a pic for my sister.

My sister Julia dresssed in her green ready to celebrate. 

Table almost set completely. 

My mom and dad with their great grandson Chayton

This is my grandma Charlotte who wasn’t going to come fir dinner until she realized I was doing it themed! She loves the chance to eat off the good china. 

Everyone eating dinner.

My nephews Ben, Sam and great nephew Chayton. 

All the yummy drinks lined up ready to be drank with my dessert. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ellie update

Ellie is 14 weeks old!

This past Sunday my grandpuppy Ellie turned 14 weeks old. My sons girlfriend took her to have her pics professionally done. Thanks to Creative Photography in Kingston Ontario for the amazing pics of Ellie. If you are in need of some great pics be sure to check them out. You can find them on facebook here.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Just arrived home from quilt retreat

I had a wonderful weekend with some very talented quilters and artists at retreat. Here are a few pics of the beautiful show and tell pieces and their talented makers. Thanks ladies for a great weekend. A big thank you to Nellie Holmes for organizing another fantastic getaway. There are a few people I am missing from the pics below so I would also like to mention the missing now which include Nellie Holmes, Jane Farrell, Hazel Reynolds, Liz Healy, Lolly Challice and Heather. 

Anne Hunt

Dianne Fyn

Kathy Senneker

Darlene Nelson

Kris Fox

Donna Dickey

 Lammy Schapelhoumen

Kathy Grier

Nancy Clow

Brenda Craig

Elinor Utting

Gail Schweir

Donna Taylor

Trudy Loney

Cherice Chant 

Cheryl Swanson

Angie Parkins

Dianne Fyn

Lori Everett

Debbie Mcallister

Paige Blythe Dickey

Trudy Loney, Erin McCormick, Donna Dickey, Paige Dickey, Lori Everett

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