Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ellie update

Ellie is 14 weeks old!

This past Sunday my grandpuppy Ellie turned 14 weeks old. My sons girlfriend took her to have her pics professionally done. Thanks to Creative Photography in Kingston Ontario for the amazing pics of Ellie. If you are in need of some great pics be sure to check them out. You can find them on facebook here. https://www.facebook.com/crreativephotographers

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Just arrived home from quilt retreat

I had a wonderful weekend with some very talented quilters and artists at retreat. Here are a few pics of the beautiful show and tell pieces and their talented makers. Thanks ladies for a great weekend. A big thank you to Nellie Holmes for organizing another fantastic getaway. There are a few people I am missing from the pics below so I would also like to mention the missing now which include Nellie Holmes, Jane Farrell, Hazel Reynolds, Liz Healy, Lolly Challice and Heather. 

Anne Hunt

Dianne Fyn

Kathy Senneker

Darlene Nelson

Kris Fox

Donna Dickey

 Lammy Schapelhoumen

Kathy Grier

Nancy Clow

Brenda Craig

Elinor Utting

Gail Schweir

Donna Taylor

Trudy Loney

Cherice Chant 

Cheryl Swanson

Angie Parkins

Dianne Fyn

Lori Everett

Debbie Mcallister

Paige Blythe Dickey

Trudy Loney, Erin McCormick, Donna Dickey, Paige Dickey, Lori Everett

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Meet Lizzy!

I am super excited to introduce you to Lizzy. Lizzy (named aptly because she is the queen of my dressform collection...get it? Lizzy short for Elizabeth...the queen) Anywho...i just found Lizzy waiting for her forever home and knew immediately she had to come home with me.

When I first saw Lizzy I thought she must have been stripped down and recovered or completely re-done at some point but when I got her home I noticed there were a bunch of pins holding her cover on at the bottom. I slowly and cautiously removed the pins and found the original cover. 

Isn't she AWESOME? I haven't removed the top half because the cover is actually hand sewn down the side at the waist where it comes in. I might do some decorating to her second cover but I haven't decided. Right now I am just enjoying having her here to look at the way she is. I just have to clean up her base a bit and add some sort of pin in the stand so she can be adjusted to different heights. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tuffet Completed

Tuffets have been quite a 'rage'. Just check out google images to see all the different tuffet pics. I purchased the 'tuffet makings' almost 2 years ago and have finally finished my first tuffet. Thanks to the organization of a few women from my guild who decided we would have a tuffet making day, I finally got the motivation to get my sewing done. 

I decided I wanted my mine to match my wing chair in my quilt studio. I have been collecting the fabric for quite some time for my chair. I wanted my chair to be kind of crazy patched with quilt blocks thrown in so that is what I decided to do with my tuffet. 

I love how the tuffet turned out. I like the stripe effect of the original one but didn't think it would match my other furniture well. 

For the panels, I crazy pieced them starting with a 6” quilt block as the base. This cover is also removable by simply removing the button. 


I think I will be making a few more of these in the future. If enough people sign up for this class I will be teaching it at Taylors Sewing Center in Brockville. 

 Enjoy your day. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hello. I know it's been a while but I have a few things to add to my online journal.

This past summer we had to put down our beloved Newfoundland Martha. She was 13 1/2 years old which is quite ancient for her breed. She was very much loved and will not be forgotten. Rest in peace sweet Martha. We could not have asked for a more gentle teddy bear of a dog.

Recently my son brought a new puppy into our house. She is a pure bred European Harlequin Great Dane and she is full of energy and love. It didn't take anytime at all for the whole family to fall in love with this newest member of the family.

A new pet can't replace the old pet but it can add some much needed love. I recently read something that goes kinda like this...when a pet comes into our lives they give us a piece of their heart and when they leave they take a piece of our heart with them. I completely agree with this sentiment. Here's hoping we have many happy years with our new bundle of love. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Easter in my studio

My sister pointed out to me that it has been quite some time since i posted on my blog so I thought i should do an update. This past weekend I finally took the time to take down my winter decorating, even if there is still plenty of snow on the ground! I traded out the winter for the spring and easter decorations in hopes it might bring some warm warm weather my way. Here are some pics from my studio, all ready for the spring weather i am hoping will arrive soon.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here's a giveaway I have to shout from the rooftop. Check this out if you would like to win an amazing Magnolia Pearl outfit. http://fionaandtwig.blogspot.ca/2013/03/magnolia-pearl-ranch-and-giveaway.html#

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween at my Sisters

My sister Julia is sooooooooo creative and loves Halloween. Julia has Halloween dinner for our immediate family (which is about 15) every year. It takes her forever to decorate and this is why....

This is Julias antique Hoosier decorated for the season...

 The main dinner table
 Side Buffet with desserts for after dinner (or before if you were brave enough to sneak them- I was)
 Some more desserts. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but this is a picture my sister got over 20 years ago and there are ghosts in the background- very spooky.
 This is the main table again with masks set for everybody...

 This is the little kids table- set a little more 'fun' rather then spooky

 Witch's cabinet with potions and spells etc.
 Witch's spell book
 Appetizers and beverages (the adult beverages are a little further down on the island)
Secondary table for the middle 'kids'
 Outside is set up with a graveyard
 Main entrance into the house- lots of candles, webs and spooky stuff
 Overall shot of the dining room with the 4 tables set
 Close up of one of the cloche's.

Our grandma- what an angel :)

 Felisha (Julia's oldest daughter)  ready for the party

 Chayton (Felisha's youngest) ready for the party

 Carter (Felisha's oldest) getting a bit of a sugar rush !

Me with my son Chance. I feel very short next to him at 5'7". He's 17 here.
  Julia does all this even without a team to prepare it with! Martha Stewart eat your heart out. To get a better look at all the detail - click on the pictures.

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