Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween at my Sisters

My sister Julia is sooooooooo creative and loves Halloween. Julia has Halloween dinner for our immediate family (which is about 15) every year. It takes her forever to decorate and this is why....

This is Julias antique Hoosier decorated for the season...

 The main dinner table
 Side Buffet with desserts for after dinner (or before if you were brave enough to sneak them- I was)
 Some more desserts. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but this is a picture my sister got over 20 years ago and there are ghosts in the background- very spooky.
 This is the main table again with masks set for everybody...

 This is the little kids table- set a little more 'fun' rather then spooky

 Witch's cabinet with potions and spells etc.
 Witch's spell book
 Appetizers and beverages (the adult beverages are a little further down on the island)
Secondary table for the middle 'kids'
 Outside is set up with a graveyard
 Main entrance into the house- lots of candles, webs and spooky stuff
 Overall shot of the dining room with the 4 tables set
 Close up of one of the cloche's.

Our grandma- what an angel :)

 Felisha (Julia's oldest daughter)  ready for the party

 Chayton (Felisha's youngest) ready for the party

 Carter (Felisha's oldest) getting a bit of a sugar rush !

Me with my son Chance. I feel very short next to him at 5'7". He's 17 here.
  Julia does all this even without a team to prepare it with! Martha Stewart eat your heart out. To get a better look at all the detail - click on the pictures.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quilt Studio Tour - Part 3

Here's the last part of my quilt studio tour which is really more a tour of my gardens, decorations and visitors.

This is a picture of my garden to the side of my studio. You can see my studio in the back. This is the first year for this garden so it's very sparse. The Gladiolus are just coming out.

This is some of my straw flowers- shut for the night. The centers were really pretty yellow

 These are a couple of my first Gladiolus to come out.
 This is some of my Gladiolus and more straw flowers. Notice my white picket fence is not quite finished. I had about 30 feet in length that I had to make for the length of this garden. Love how it was coming out. I still haven't quite finished it yet but it will be done before summer is out- I promised myself I would find the time. Can you see what is on one of the flowers?
 Here's a bit of a close up shot of the flower. Figure it out yet?
 Here's a real close up shot of the flower. This dragonfly was sooooooooo pretty and just sat there for what seemed like an eternity while I took it's picture. I get all kinds of bugs and birds in my garden.
 This is one of the many roses I have in my garden now. This one is called love and peace. I believe the yellow part makes it the peace.

This is a view of my flower bicycle at the front of my studio.
 Some 4 leaf clovers growing and ready to be picked when luck was needed.
 Sink of poppies. This is my $1.00 sink, free table top, free railing posts and a little work to make this very cute garden decoration. After my flowers started coming - I had lots of flowers growing around this to add to the charm. I really liked the look of the poppies blowing in the wind up high where I could see them.
 Cone flowers- really pretty coral colour.
 Lots of birdie visitors to my bird feeder in the front of my studio...

 Some visitors to the back of my studio as well. This is the view from window while working.
 Halloween last year. Just a few pics outside at the beginning when I only had a few decorations. This is my witches broom (stands about 9 feet tall)
 a pumpkin with a few visitors and a crow on a chair...
 Bird cage outside with a skeleton and bats inside.
 Another view of my bicycle ready for halloween with cobwebs and dying flowers.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quilt Studio Tour - Part 2

So, this is part 2 of my quilt studio tour. These are some inside shots of my studio when I first opened it. Some things are a little different as I am always adding  and changing things. This is a sort of long post so make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the tour...

Take a walk along the stepping stones to come to my front entrance...

 This is my front entrance. The view has changed a bit- I have added window boxes, more flowers and garden fences. Notice my christmas lights? I keep them up year round- I love how the little white lights look at night and they light everything up so nicely.

My builing is split into 2 sections. 1 side is more to the Primitive style and the other side is geared to the Shabby Chic style.  This is what will greet you when you come in the door. If you didn't already know- I am a long arm quilter so that is my machine behind the cabinet full of bobbins. I love bobbins and all these are for sale. I only have about half left as I have sold a bunch of them. They are great for decoration and other craft projects.  The bottom shelf holds solid wool pieces for sale for rug hooking, wool embroidery and sewing.
 This is a slightly side view from the front door. You can see my quilts hanging from the wall. There are no windows on the long side since I wanted to be able to display quilts and a cabinet on the other side. The first quilt is Baltimore Bunnies- all hand appliqued and machine quilted.
 This is to the right. This cabinet is an old printers cabinet from a newspaper. All the shelves were covered in about an inch of thick black inks and grease. Looooooooooots of scrubbing and a couple coats of black paint on the outside and I was all set. I just love it with it's slanted shelves- perfect for displaying. The wools on this shelf are my hand dyed wools that I sell along with antique bobbins and other goodies. We also have an assortment of soy candles available which are soot free and smell awesome.

 This is an assortment of primitive bowl fillers available from the Antique Sisters. (My sister Julia and I).
 This is a view of my machine threads that I use on the quilts that come to me to get finished. Lots of thread choice with over 100 colours available. I also have variegated threads which are in a different spot. The little pink table is a 'junk' find that I painted shabby chic, distressed and added glass knobs to. This little table fits in this space perfectly and looks so cute!
 This is the view of the ceiling from the front door. This is a genuine tin ceiling from a company that has been making tin ceilings for over 100 years. You can't see from this picture but the tiles are actually covered in daisies- sooooooooooooo cute! Love my chandeliers too and can't do without my fan. The ceilings are about 11 feet or so tall - great for displaying things up high and feels really good to work in an area with a tall clearance.
 This is my heat source for the room. I don't have it on now but this is an electric fireplace and looks really cute when it's actually going. It can be used in the corner like it is or moved to a flat wall. I have a collection of hand made tags displayed on top of it with a picture of my great auntie Esther. If I get my crafting from anybody - it's her. She used to make all kinds of embroidery, quilts, knitting and sewing when she was still around. She was such a wonderful lady.  Notice also the fresh flowers- this was last summer.
 This is a sitting area for customers (and me too sometimes). I have an assortment of teas and hot chocolates available  but I always forget to offer them :(
 This the other side of the room- this long shelf area hold items for sale. I made these shelves using antique doors attached to shelving that I built.  The only thing I had to do to the doors themselves was to wash all the dirt and grime. The crackling is all natural and soooooooo wonderful.The pink cupboard barely noticeable in this picture is another 'junk' find- painted shabby chic pink, distressed, glass knobs added and vintage style fabric for the doors. This cabinet holds all the wonderful quilts that come to me to get finished.

 This is just another view of the shelves from behind my quilting machine.
Hope you enjoyed my tour and come back for the tour outside.

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