Monday, June 7, 2010

The bus is filled

I think I have the bus filled now. There are a couple of spots being held for somebody right now and if she takes them then the bus is officially full. The trip should be really fun with lots to do on the bus on the way down! Vermont- here we come :)

Update: The bus is completely full- all participants are paid and I'm not waiting to hear back from anybody. It's going to be loads of fun with lots of prizes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Trying to fill my bus to Vermont

I am trying to fill the bus to Vermont.

I still need a few more people for the bus trip to the Vermont Quilt Festival on Saturday June 26th if anybody is interested in going. The trip costs only $50 for the bus plus the admission of $10. The bus will be leaving Brockville at 7am and return back to Brockville on the same day by 9pm. We will also pick up in Prescott at around 7:15am and Cornwall at about 7:50am if anybody from those areas are interested. Email me here if you are interested.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I locked my keys in my car and now I am waiting for someone to let me in! I am usually quite careful with my keys to make sure I never put them in my car when I am not already in it but this morning I did. I am not really a morning person so I guess my brain wasn't quite awake. I even have my key on a neck cord so that I never do what I did this morning.

This is how it happened....

I was heading to our local quilt guild applique group this morning and as I was getting in my car I noticed how filthy it was. Our driveway is gravel and there must have been some unusual traffic in the driveway this long weekend which caused the dust to collect on my car since it didn't move all weekend. I threw my purse- and my key- into the car and just as I was about to jump in....I had an idea. I decided I would quickly run water from the hose over it to remove some of the dust before everybody could see how filthy it was. My car already gets the 'looks' so I didn't need everybody to also notice how badly dirty it was too. The hose is only about 5 feet from where my car sits and just as I was turning the tap on....I heard a "peep-peep". My heart sank and this feeling of despair came over me as I thought to myself "shit- I didn't"....But I did!

I called CAA- only to find out that it expired 2 weeks ago and my father forgot to renew the membership. Luckily this happened today and not Friday because I was still in the two week grace period. Now I am sitting here waiting for the guy to show up which I was told it could be anywhere up to 1.5 hours. It's been 40 minutes and I am frustrated because now I am very late for applique. Hopefully he will get here soon and I will have a better day.

Hope everyone is having a better day then me.

Well, that wasn't too bad- the man came and he was able to get in my car in about 30 seconds! No wonder it's so easy for thieves. I will add a picture to my post later.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OK...So I am trying a bit to try to do some more posting.

Yesterday I went to Warsaw to take my dog Martha to the groomers (also her breeders). When we left, Martha was quite content on wearing her big fur coat for the hot summer. I asked the groomer to give her "a show cut" which is what we usually get. We dropped her off and when we picked her up the breeder came running out to tell me Martha was 'naked'. Her fur was a bit too much of a mess and the groomer felt it best to remove it and give her a short coat for the summer.

This first picture is what Martha looked like as we were dropping her off at the groomers.

Martha had recently gotten into the river. You see, my dad was supposed to be watching her while I went out in the kayak but he didn't do a very good job! My dad also decided this week that he would forget to put away the can of varasal with paint brushed soaking in it and needless to say Martha decided to step into that too! There was also some pond scummy stuff left out too (courtesy of my father) so Martha got into that too.

With all that said....I think it's easy to understand why her fur was a "bit too messy" to simply be groomed.

This second photo is what she looked like when she got home from the groomers.

I must say that Martha is not too happy with her new hair cut and is moping around the house in disbelief! Our cats are having a hard time with the new cut too and don't recognize poor Martha anymore. Not only did Martha get an embarrassing hair cut but now she's lost her little furry friends that liked to curl up with her too :(

I decided that I would take Martha out for a swim in the river today as a way to hopefully get her spirits back up. SHE LOVED IT. We've never let her swim in the river before because of her fur and she very much enjoyed walking around in the muck and swimming in the water. I took my kayak out to be with her and we didn't go off the shore too far because I wasn't sure how she would deal with the mucky stuff on the bottom but she really liked being out there.

I think this shorter hair cut will do her some good. Her tail is funny looking because the groomer left it longer so she could still swat the flies and bugs. What I thought was going to be a 'show cut' did indeed turn out to be a show cut but I didn't think we would get the 'poodle show cut'. Oh well, I am sure it won't be long before it's long again and in the meantime she gets to enjoy her swimming lessons (and I think it maybe took off a few years too)!

Hoping everyone out there is enjoying the weather.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vermont Quilt Festival Bus

Hello....Anybody in my area that is interested in going to the Vermont Quilt Festival on Saturday June 26th, 2010 please email me. I have a bus going and it's on a first come first serve basis. This is not on Father's day weekend this year but is instead the weekend after. I have personally gone 4 times before and the show is never a disappointment. The quilts are juried in so all are wonderful. There are 'tons' of vendors carrying everything you could imagine. The bus to go is $50 per person plus the $10 (american funds) to get into the show. Cheques can be post dated to June 1st and the $10 to get in can be given to me on the bus. This is a discounted rate since we have over 25 people going. The bus will leave Brockville at 7am sharp and then then Prescott about 7:20 am. We will be going over the bridge in Cornwall so any quilters in that area can get on the bus just before the bridge. Please email me ASAP so I can know numbers. Anybody that is already going....get your frineds to come too so we can fill the bus. I will have activities on the bus to keep us busy and make the time go quickly. The bus is scheduled to return back to Brockville by 9pm on the same day. This is the link for the show if you want to read more about it.

Virtual Quilt Show

I know it's been ages since I posted but I have had issues with my computer and downloading photos. I am currently working on finishing up MANY projects and will try to post photos. This week I entered one of my quilts into an online quilt show. Visitors to the site can vote for their favourite. This is my entry called Summer Flight. The category entered into was "birds and bugs". I got the pattern from a book called "pink lemonade". I really love this book- it has soooo many wonderful patterns. This quilt measures 54" x 64". The inside is pieced by machine and the outside border is completely hand embroidered with lots of butterflies, bumble bees, ladybugs, a caterpillar and even a spider among the grass. If you have a chance to visit this site to vote that would be great. Voting is from Friday until Sunday only. Winner will be announced on this holiday Monday. While you are there check out all the future (and past) categories too. Hoping everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend here in Canada- what great weather~! (was a great weekend- all of a sudden there is thunder and big rain drops :( )

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