Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I locked my keys in my car and now I am waiting for someone to let me in! I am usually quite careful with my keys to make sure I never put them in my car when I am not already in it but this morning I did. I am not really a morning person so I guess my brain wasn't quite awake. I even have my key on a neck cord so that I never do what I did this morning.

This is how it happened....

I was heading to our local quilt guild applique group this morning and as I was getting in my car I noticed how filthy it was. Our driveway is gravel and there must have been some unusual traffic in the driveway this long weekend which caused the dust to collect on my car since it didn't move all weekend. I threw my purse- and my key- into the car and just as I was about to jump in....I had an idea. I decided I would quickly run water from the hose over it to remove some of the dust before everybody could see how filthy it was. My car already gets the 'looks' so I didn't need everybody to also notice how badly dirty it was too. The hose is only about 5 feet from where my car sits and just as I was turning the tap on....I heard a "peep-peep". My heart sank and this feeling of despair came over me as I thought to myself "shit- I didn't"....But I did!

I called CAA- only to find out that it expired 2 weeks ago and my father forgot to renew the membership. Luckily this happened today and not Friday because I was still in the two week grace period. Now I am sitting here waiting for the guy to show up which I was told it could be anywhere up to 1.5 hours. It's been 40 minutes and I am frustrated because now I am very late for applique. Hopefully he will get here soon and I will have a better day.

Hope everyone is having a better day then me.

Well, that wasn't too bad- the man came and he was able to get in my car in about 30 seconds! No wonder it's so easy for thieves. I will add a picture to my post later.


  1. I am glad to hear that everything turned out okay. I like your car!

  2. I LOVE your car...... (first time i've seen it) and it is so-o-o YOU!!!

    ahhhh..... it's a harmless booboo. no one got hurt.... all is well!!



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