Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OK...So I am trying a bit to try to do some more posting.

Yesterday I went to Warsaw to take my dog Martha to the groomers (also her breeders). When we left, Martha was quite content on wearing her big fur coat for the hot summer. I asked the groomer to give her "a show cut" which is what we usually get. We dropped her off and when we picked her up the breeder came running out to tell me Martha was 'naked'. Her fur was a bit too much of a mess and the groomer felt it best to remove it and give her a short coat for the summer.

This first picture is what Martha looked like as we were dropping her off at the groomers.

Martha had recently gotten into the river. You see, my dad was supposed to be watching her while I went out in the kayak but he didn't do a very good job! My dad also decided this week that he would forget to put away the can of varasal with paint brushed soaking in it and needless to say Martha decided to step into that too! There was also some pond scummy stuff left out too (courtesy of my father) so Martha got into that too.

With all that said....I think it's easy to understand why her fur was a "bit too messy" to simply be groomed.

This second photo is what she looked like when she got home from the groomers.

I must say that Martha is not too happy with her new hair cut and is moping around the house in disbelief! Our cats are having a hard time with the new cut too and don't recognize poor Martha anymore. Not only did Martha get an embarrassing hair cut but now she's lost her little furry friends that liked to curl up with her too :(

I decided that I would take Martha out for a swim in the river today as a way to hopefully get her spirits back up. SHE LOVED IT. We've never let her swim in the river before because of her fur and she very much enjoyed walking around in the muck and swimming in the water. I took my kayak out to be with her and we didn't go off the shore too far because I wasn't sure how she would deal with the mucky stuff on the bottom but she really liked being out there.

I think this shorter hair cut will do her some good. Her tail is funny looking because the groomer left it longer so she could still swat the flies and bugs. What I thought was going to be a 'show cut' did indeed turn out to be a show cut but I didn't think we would get the 'poodle show cut'. Oh well, I am sure it won't be long before it's long again and in the meantime she gets to enjoy her swimming lessons (and I think it maybe took off a few years too)!

Hoping everyone out there is enjoying the weather.


  1. Oh Martha!!!!

    shave and a hair cut......2 bits???

    it's ok martha.... it'll grow back....
    i know... that's probably what mommy already told you...but it's true...she's right... it will grow back.

    and your furry pals - they will soon smell that everything's okay with you and cuddle once again!!

    oh, and grandpa is a bit sorry too....


  2. She is absolutely adorable, although not quite as dignified naked!


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