Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Quilt Studio Tour- Part 1

Since I started posting again I thought that maybe I would show some pictures of my studio. I am going to break this up into a few posts. First post will be some of the building shots, next will be inside and last will be outside garden shots. I'll have other posts as holidays hit showing some current decorating for each of the holidays- I do like to decorate for the holidays.

 For anybody that hasn't made it out to my place yet this is what my quilting studio looks like.

Feel free to drop by anytime for a visit. I don't have regular hours so if you live a bit away then maybe give me a quick call first to make sure I am home. If I'm home you are more then welcome to come by for a visit. Call me at 613 925 5063. If you happen to stop by without calling - no worry- you might find me in my jammies though- hope that's OK. I like to be comfortable when I work.

This is the construction of my building. The man in the light long sleeve top, ball cap and white  hair is my dad. He did all the work up to this point. All the wood is from his farm where he cut down all the trees and made the 2x4's himself with his saw mill. These are the real 2x4's - not the skinny kind you get nowadays. 

 The big guy with the black shorts and blue top behind the boards is my son. He dug all the foundation holes  for the building (6 foot deep holes- which he won't let me forget!) and the trench for the electrical wires to attach to the house.
 That's my crazy dad on top of the beams- doing some hammering- no supports of any kind.

This is after the building has been constructed - insulation installed - ready for the gyprock. Did you notice the scaffolding? It's on wheels.  It's funny- most people have to wheel their senior fathers around in a wheel chair- I was wheeling mine around on top of the scaffolding while he was working on the ceiling! He's more agile then most teenagers (my son included). I was able to work on the bottom insulation myself but was definitely grateful to have him around to do the high parts. The ceiling at this point is about 13 feet high.  Once we got to the inside stuff I was out there quite a bit trying to get done what I could help with. I don't have anymore pictures of the work in progress- I guess I hung up my camera for other tools of the trade.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saying Hello from Kingston

Hello...As mentioned in an earlier post, the store we were in closed down. It took a while but Julia and I found another location to sell our shabby chic and primitive home decor. Come check us out  if you are in the Kingston area. You can find us at the Collins Bay Flea Market located at 666 Collins Bay Rd.Kingston, On.
(613-389-2227). We are the 'Antique Sisters'.

Here are are few pictures from our booth... (PS. the blue chair has been sold)

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