Monday, March 16, 2009

Hi All...

I just thought I would post a picture of a "finish" for the month of March. I made this quilt as a fundraiser for my sons school rugby team to help them pay for their trip to Halifax in April. I will be selling tickets at a cost of $2.00 each at my quilt guild meeting this month and at Perfect Stitch in Kingston tomorrow. If anybody local is interested they can see me there or send me an email at .

The quilt is approx. 74" x 85" . The colours are actually a bit darker then they appear in the photo. I am happy with the quilt and would love to win it myself, although I have not bought any tickets yet!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi Everyone...

I just joined a group called rainbow swap. You can read about it here. I haven't done a block swap before and it sounds really fun. My friend Michelle told me about it. She joined before me and we are in different groups. It will be fun to see what each of us gets back. I will be doing my block in maroon and she is doing hers in dark green. What fun!

Another give away to tell you about

HI ...Just a quick note to tell you that there is another great give away at This That and The Other that you don't want to miss. Go over and check it out. Contest closes March 22/09.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canadian Comfort and Rememberance Quilts

For those of you that are not aware of the very worthwhile project...Canadian Comfort and Rememberance Quilts...I am including a link for you to check it out. These are quilts that are made for the family members of lost Canadian soldiers. It seems all too common to turn on the news and hear of another soldier lost helping to keep freedom. Please check out this link and help if you can.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I couldn't let today pass without mentioning my son...

Hello everyone in Blogland! I couldn't go to bed without mentioning my son, Chance. Tonight at 10:38pm he officially turned 15 years old. I never realized how fast time really goes until a child of my own. Only 1 more year and he'll be driving, 3 years until he's drinking legally in Quebec (only an hours drive away!) and in 4 years he will probably be gone to go to University! He had a quiet birthday today as all our family members are gone for the weekend on seperate mini-vacations. This is a photo I took of him today with his new lizard. He's a chameleon and we named him "Auto". This will be the third Chameleon we have brought home. The first one had a bone problem, the next one had a tongue disfunction and this is our third. "Third times a charm!" (I hope). Anyway...good night for now...

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