Monday, March 2, 2009

I couldn't let today pass without mentioning my son...

Hello everyone in Blogland! I couldn't go to bed without mentioning my son, Chance. Tonight at 10:38pm he officially turned 15 years old. I never realized how fast time really goes until a child of my own. Only 1 more year and he'll be driving, 3 years until he's drinking legally in Quebec (only an hours drive away!) and in 4 years he will probably be gone to go to University! He had a quiet birthday today as all our family members are gone for the weekend on seperate mini-vacations. This is a photo I took of him today with his new lizard. He's a chameleon and we named him "Auto". This will be the third Chameleon we have brought home. The first one had a bone problem, the next one had a tongue disfunction and this is our third. "Third times a charm!" (I hope). Anyway...good night for now...

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  1. Happy Birthday Chance! Hope you had a great day! Tyler just turned 17 a few weeks ago. He's the next one to go off to University. Time flies fast!!

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