Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Canadian Comfort and Rememberance Quilts

For those of you that are not aware of the very worthwhile project...Canadian Comfort and Rememberance Quilts...I am including a link for you to check it out. These are quilts that are made for the family members of lost Canadian soldiers. It seems all too common to turn on the news and hear of another soldier lost helping to keep freedom. Please check out this link and help if you can.



  1. Have to answer you this way as you came up with noreply in my mail. Please check your profile and allow your email to show, makes it easier to answer you.

    The OPAM challenge is closed for new participants now. We had to close by the end of january when we had almost 300 participants.

  2. Hi Tammy- I couldn't find an e-mail, so I'll respond to your question here. Yes, we will be bringing Texture Magic to the quilt shows. Thanks for asking!


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