Monday, August 24, 2009

Another give away to tell you about

If you like to scrap book go check out this site. Nilla is having a wonderful giveaway but it ends tonight so hurry if you want to be included. Update: it ends at noon today because there is a 12 hour time difference. So hurry, hurry up!


  1. I have to say, your quilts are fabulous!!! I am in love with them all!!!! I love the baltimore bunnies!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I sure love to hear from everyone that visits and I truly appreciate all the nice comments!!
    Margaret B

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I just found your comment on my blog regarding START. And yes, Loretta is Loretta Moore - so obviously you are a friend.

    START is the ongoing teacher training program for the certified teachers in the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild. It is one weekend a year for the teachers (and student teachers) where they are taught by a committee of teachers who work for a year getting the programme organized and ready to teach. A different topic is chosen each year, and teachers spend the weekend together learning from the committee.

    Hope that helps.



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