Monday, August 17, 2009

Update on our space at the store

Here are some updated views of the space my sister and I have in an antique store in Long Sault. This is where you can check for information regarding the store. My sister is the creative one and is really enjoying being part of this and I am too. Most of the items in the space do belong to my sister because I am having a hard time finding the time to get things finished even though our house is being over run by items that need my attention!


  1. The store looks fabulous! I wish you and your sister all the best.

  2. Will have to drop in if I'm ever up that way! Looks like a great shop!

  3. I just found your blog. Your quilts are beautiful and you do amazing quilting. It's nice to find people with blogs that live close by. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Stop by my blog sometime.

  4. Hi Tami! Your store looks wonderful! How fun to work with your sister! To answer your question about Blogger storage space......when you go to upload a tells you what percent of your free space you have used......and next to that you can click and get all the information on the costs to add more really is not that cost $20 for 10GB.....and we started out with 1GB for free.....I hope this was really easy to add more!
    Take care, Laura

  5. Tammy, your comment was too cute, I did post it. You may or may not be on track, you'll have to keep watching for sure, but I liked your ideas! I also like the things in your space. Thanks so much for playing along and please keep guessing, this is what's making it so much fun :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog!! Love your little space, I see lots I like!!! Tootles, Janna


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