Friday, August 14, 2009

What a nice couple of days!

I decided since today was so nice that I was finally going to get some photos of my quilts done so that I could show them to you. I will post all the pictures tomorrow of my 'June Finishes' but until then I will leave you with this photo.
It was brought up to me lately that maybe I should start exercising (don't say that too loudly- it's a bad word in my vocabulary!). I decided today that exercise is not something I need to do. I think all I need to do is try to take photos of my quilts on an extremely hot and somewhat windy day.
Today I was trying to take photos of my quilts from our clothesline (which is off our deck-which is currently being ripped up to be re-done). I have to watch for nails and loose boards (I've already fallen thru the deck twice!) The wind was blowing a bit and because I was trying to get as much of the quilt in the photo as possible (and therefore pinning very little at the top) the pins kept 'snapping' off. I was running up and down the deck trying to get the quilts to stay on the line and get the photo while the sun and wind were co-operating. This is more difficult then it sounds.
Anyway, to make a long story the time I finished and came inside you would have thought I just ran a 10 mile marathon! I was all hot and sweaty and could not wait to get downstairs where it was cool. Maybe I'll take a swim in the pool later but I am finally cooled down now and don't feel like going out in the hot again at the moment. Besides- some work has to get finished first!

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