Friday, August 14, 2009

What a nice day- continued

What a couple of beautiful days here at home. It was gorgeous out yesterday and it's the same again today! The weather man is calling for more of the same for the weekend- Yippee!
Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend a little while on the river with my son and there was not a ripple to be had. My dad called home and suggested (gave Chance permission) to take out his fishing boat for a little ride since it was so nice. I tagged along for the ride so Chance would not be alone (my father 'suggested' this too!) What a nice ride. I decided that no fancy ski boat was needed to enjoy the wind in our hair. My dad has quite a large motor on the boat and it goes pretty fast. I am not sure he was really thinking 'fishing' when he bought this motor. are some photos of the trip...
This is my son when we were first taking off in the boat. Our house is behind his head on the left. You can see a glimpse of a bridge. My dad built this bridge 2 years ago for my nieces wedding. She got married in the back yard and what a pretty wedding it was with the river as the backdrop. Here Chance is enjoying some 'wind in his hair' as he decides to go a little faster.

This is a view of the Ogdensburg/ Johnstown International Bridge.

Here is the Prescott elevator where all the salt is brought in.

This is a view of the river- not a ripple to be had! What a PERFECT day.

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